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Spot Check: Jimmy Fitzpatrick at Fitzland

Explaining Jimmy Fitzpatrick in a few words would be nearly impossible. Dirt bikes came into his life during family trips to the desert, primarly Ocotillo Wells. In his younger years Fitz was on a different direction of sports, taking on Aquatic High Diving. Once his family moved to a 54 acre vineyard propriety in Temecula, he turned his skills from flipping into water over to flipping a dirt bike onto dirt. He started riding at the age of 5 and turned pro by 20. He has taken on Freestyle demos all around the world making a name for himself and some of the biggest KOD flips in the action sports industry. Fitzpatrick also has quite a wrapsheet of accomplishements from all the contest and debuts he has entered. Fast forward to today, Jimmy holds a prime spot of property known to many as “Fitzland” which stretches on a 54-acre parcel of land located in the heart of Southern California’s Temecula wine country. What began years ago was the process of adding 50 foot jumps, 120-foot ramp to dirt jumps, which the escalated to bigger natural terrain jumps reaching 160 feet, and every height in between.

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Spot Check: Jimmy Fitzpatrick at Fitzland

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